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Lactobacillus Buchneri Powder

  • Fruiterco

  • Lactobacillus Buchneri

  • 100B CFU/g

  • White Powder

  • ISO,Halal,Kosher

  • Healthcare,Food Additives

  • 2 Years


What is Lactobacillus Buchneri Powder?

Lactobacillus buchneri powder is a thermophilic non-toxic yeast and a probiotic. When a sufficient number of Saccharomyces boulardii cells enter and colonize the host intestine, they can alter the host's intestinal flora and have health effects on the host.

Saccharomyces boulardii is natural, safe and non-toxic. Compared with other probiotics, it does not transfer genetic material with the bacteria and can be used simultaneously with antibiotics. As a result, Saccharomyces boulardii has been used to treat many types of enteritis and increasingly in ulcerative colitis.


AppearanceWhite PowderComplies
Assay100 Billion cfu/gComplies
Sieve Analysis100% pass 80 meshComplies
Loss on Drying5% Max.1.02%
Sulphated Ash5% Max.1.3%
Extract SolventEthanol & WaterComplies
Heavy Metal5ppm MaxComplies
As2ppm MaxComplies
Residual Solvents0.05% Max.Negative

Total Plate Count1000/g MaxComplies
Yeast & Mold100/g MaxComplies


1. Promote intestinal flora balance

Probiotics can competitively occupy the living space and nutrients in the intestines, prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, and thus promote the balance of intestinal flora.

2. Promote food digestion and nutrient absorption

Lactobacillus buchneri powder can break down indigestible substances in food, such as cellulose, and produce beneficial nutrients, such as short-chain fatty acids, thereby promoting food digestion and nutrient absorption.

3. Enhance immune system function

The intestine is an important part of the human immune system. Probiotics can promote the immune function of the intestinal mucosa and enhance the function of the immune system.

Do probiotics have side effects?

1. Indigestion

Because probiotics stimulate gastrointestinal motility, a few people may experience mild abdominal discomfort or bloating when taking probiotics.

2. Allergic reaction

Some people may have allergic reactions to specific probiotic strains, such as red rash, itching, etc.

3. Development of drug resistance

According to information from pharmaceutical journals, some probiotic strains may promote the development of drug resistance.


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