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Tyrosine Powder

  • Fruiterco

  • Tyrosine Powder

  • Tyr or Y

  • 99%

  • White Powder

  • 60-18-4

  • C9H11NO3

  • ISO,Halal,Kosher

  • Healthcare, Food Additives

  • 2 Years

  • 1kg/bag , 25kg/Drum


What is Tyrosine Powder?

Tyrosine powder (L-tyrosine, Tyr) is an important nutritional essential amino acid that plays an important role in the metabolism, growth and development of humans and animals. It is widely used in medicine, food, feed, chemical and other industries. 

It is often used as a nutritional supplement for patients with phenylketonuria, and as a raw material for the preparation of pharmaceutical and chemical products such as peptide hormones, antibiotics, L-dopa, melanin, p-hydroxycinnamic acid, and p-hydroxystyrene.

Food Sources of Tyrosine:

  • soy products

  • cicken

  • fish

  • peanut

  • almond

  • avocado

  • banana

  • milk

  • cheese

  • yogurt

  • cottage cheese

  • Pumpkin seeds

  • sesame seeds

Product information of Tyrosine Powder

Product NameTyrosine Powder
AppearanceWhite Powder
MW181.19 g·mol−1
Shelf Life2 YEARS

What is the benefits of Tyrosine Powder to the human body?

1. Treat hyperthyroidism

Tyrosine can be converted into a variety of physiological substances through different metabolic pathways in the body, and can produce a variety of neurotransmitters. These substances are closely related to nerve conduction and metabolic regulation and control. In particular, tyrosine is also an important component of thyroxine and is used medicinally to treat hyperthyroidism.

2. Antidepressant

Studies have shown that tyrosine powder can effectively help patients with depression to feel happy, suppress appetite, and reduce body fat. Some preliminary studies suggest that levodopa, produced from tyrosine, can help treat Alzheimer's disease.

3. Improve cognitive abilities

Research shows that tyrosine can improve cognitive performance, especially during times of stress. The researchers then theorized that tyrosine "is a potent cognitive enhancer, but only if neurotransmitter function is intact" and dopamine and/or norepinephrine are temporarily depleted.

4. Build muscle

The importance of regular physical activity is well known. Exercise brings immediate and long-term benefits. It helps maintain weight, optimizes mental health, strengthens bones and muscles, and helps optimize heart and brain function.

Many people take nutritional supplements, such as whey protein and creatine, to help achieve peak performance. Research suggests that tyrosine powder may be a beneficial ingredient or supplement for some people.

5. Reduce symptoms of vitiligo

Vitiligo patients eating foods containing tyrosine can change the melanin and dullness on the skin, reduce the symptoms of vitiligo, and fight against harmful ultraviolet rays.

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