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Aloe Extract Aloeemodin Aloe Emodin

  • aloe-emodin

  • aloeemodin

  • 98%

  • orange powder

  • 481-72-1

  • C15H10O5

  • ISO,Halal,Kosher

  • Healthcare, Cosmetics, Medicine

  • 2 Years

  • 1kg/bag , 25kg/Drum


What is aleo-emodin ?

Aloe-emodin is an anthraquinone compound of the chemical formula C15H10O5.

Aloe-emodin is the antibacterial active ingredient of rhubarb, has antibacterial effect, and has inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Diphtheria, Bacillus subtilis, Shigella spp.

Aloe-emodin can be extracted from aloe vera. Aloe-emodin has many benefits for human health. It can have antibacterial activity, immunosuppressive effects. It is now widely used as a raw material for health products and cosmetics.

What is aloe extract ?

Aloe vera extract, is a colorless transparent to brown slightly viscous liquid, dried to yellow fine powder. No odor or slightly peculiar smell. It is usually used as a mask and is loved by the majority of women. Has strong moisturizing properties.

【Active ingredients】The leaves contain aloin A (aloin A), aloin B (aloin B), aloe-emodim (aloe-emodim) and aloe glycosides A and B (aloinoside A, B).

Aloe Vera Products

Product Name:Aloe Vera Extract
Active Ingredient:Aloin ,Emodin

20%-95% Aloin by HPL

C95%-98% Emodin

Appearance:Brown to organe powder (Emodin)
Brown to green yellow powder
Used part:Leaf
ItemProduct NameSpecification
01Aloe Vera Freeze Dried Powder50:1 100:1 200:1
02Aloe Vera Spray Dried Powder100:1 200:1
03Aloe Emodin90%-98%
04Aloe Vera Gel/
05Aloe Extract Aloin20%-95%
06Aloe Vera Extract Liquid/

Purchasing Instructions: Our products are raw materials and are only sold to companies with processing capabilities. We do not recommend personal purchase and use of our products. Thank you.

COA OF Aloe emodin

Aloe Emodin98%98.02%

AppearanceFine PowderConforms
ColorOrange PowderConforms
Drying MethodVacuum dryingConforms
Physical Characteristics

Particle SizeNLT 100% Through 80 meshConforms
Loss on Drying<=12.0%10.60%
Ash (Sulphated Ash)<=0.5%0.16%
Total Heavy Metals≤10ppmConforms
Anyother impurity≤0.5%0.21
Total of all impurities≤2.5%0.74%
Microbiological Tests

Total Plate Count≤10000cfu/gConforms
Total Yeast & Mold≤1000cfu/gConforms


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