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Food Grade 99% Xanthan Gum Powder

  • xanthan gum

  • 99%

  • White Powder

  • 11138-66-2

  • C8H14Cl2N2O2

  • ISO,Halal,Kosher

  • Healthcare,Food Additives

  • 2 Years

  • 1kg/bag , 25kg/Drum


Xanthan gum is a microbial exopolysaccharide with a wide range of functions produced by Xanthomnas campestris with carbohydrates as the main raw material through fermentation engineering.

Xanthan gum has unique rheology, good water solubility, stability to heat, acid and alkali, and good compatibility with various salts. As a thickener, suspending agent, emulsifier, and stabilizer, it can It is widely used in more than 20 industries such as food, petroleum, and medicine. It is currently the largest and most widely used microbial polysaccharide in the world.

Product Name:
Xanthan Gum Powder
Cas No.:
Off-white or light yellow powder
Shelf Life:
24 months

Used of Xanthan Gum:

1. The field of food

Xanthan gum can improve the texture, consistency, flavor, shelf life and appearance of many foods.

It is often used in gluten-free cooking because it can provide the elasticity and bulkiness that gluten gives traditional baked goods.

2. The field of cosmetics

Xanthan gum is also found in many personal care and beauty products. It thickens these products but also runs out easily.

3. Industrial field

Xanthan gum is used in many industrial products because it can withstand different temperatures and pH values, adhere to the surface and thicken the liquid, while maintaining good fluidity.


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