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Neotame High-intensity Functional Sweeteners

  • Neotame

  • 99% Purity

  • White Powder

  • 165450-17-9

  • C20H30N2O5

  • ISO,Halal,Kosher

  • Healthcare,Food Additives

  • 2 Years

  • 1kg/Bag, 25kg/Drum


Product name:     neotame

CAS No:     165450-17-9

Molecular formula:     C20H30N2O5

Molecular weight:     378.46

Appearance:    white crystalline powder

Moisture:     about 4.5% crystal water

Melting point:    80.9-83.4℃

Specific rotation:     -39.8°

What is Neotame?

Neotame, the chemical name is: N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-α-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine-1-methyl ester, is a white crystalline powder , containing about 4.5% crystal water, is a functional sweetener. It has a pure sweetness, and a sweet synergy, very close to aspartame, without the bitterness and metallic taste that other strong sweeteners often bring. Neotame energy value is almost zero. It can remain stable under the condition of instantaneous high temperature. In cake production, after baking at a high temperature of 450 ℃, 85% of neotame still exists.

The sweetness of neotame is similar to aspartame, without bitterness and other aftertastes, and the sweetness of neotame is 8000-10000 times that of sucrose.

As a functional sweetener (Functional Sweeteners), neotame has no adverse effects on human health, and plays a beneficial regulating or promoting role.

Features of Neotame:

1. The sweetness is pure, fresh and natural, similar to aspartame, but with higher safety;

2. The sweetness is high, about 8000 times that of sucrose, and the cost of equal sweetness is lower than that of aspartame;

3. The nutrients contained are easily absorbed by the body;

4. Low energy or no energy, can be eaten by diabetics, does not cause dental caries, can promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria, etc.;

5. It will not cause tooth decay and blood sugar fluctuations, and is the preferred sweetener for health food.


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