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Vitamin B3 Niacinamide Niacin

  • Vitamin B3

  • Niacinamide Niacin

  • Niacinamide 99%, Niacin 99%

  • White Powder

  • 59-67-6

  • C6H5NO2

  • ISO,Halal,Kosher

  • Healthcare, Cosmetics,Food Additives

  • 2 Years

  • 1kg/Bag, 25kg/Drum


What is Vitamin B3 ?

Vitamin B3 is also called niacin. Niacin is a white crystal or white crystalline powder. It is soluble in water. It is mainly found in animal viscera, muscle tissue, and also exists in trace amounts in fruits and egg yolks. It is one of the 13 essential vitamins for the human body.

What are the benefits of vitamin B3 to the human body?

Vitamin B3, including niacin and niacinamide, is an essential vitamin for the human body. It has functions such as regulating metabolism, blood lipids, and improving fatigue symptoms. People with vitamin B3 deficiency may experience discomfort such as inflammation. Vitamin B3 medicine or food.

Vitamin B3 can regulate cellular respiration, promote energy metabolism in the body, relieve fatigue, and play an important role in maintaining the normal functions of the skin, digestion, central, cardiovascular, hematopoietic and other systems. Vitamin B3 drugs also help regulate blood lipids and reduce inflammation. Although this medicine is an over-the-counter medicine, overdose may have toxic and side effects on the human body. It is recommended to use it under the guidance of a doctor.

People with vitamin B3 deficiency may experience weight loss, poor memory, insomnia, pigmentation, and inflammatory infiltration of small blood vessels. For the digestive system, symptoms such as inflammation of the corner of the mouth, glossitis, and constipation may also occur. Severe deficiency may manifest as skin inflammation and diarrhea. Therefore, foods rich in vitamin B3 should be supplemented in daily life, such as animal offal, lean animal meat, grains, beans, fruits, etc. Pay attention to a balanced diet and exercise regularly to promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

In addition to normal diet, we should supplement vitamin B3 in time. Our vitamin B3 has food grade, cosmetic grade and feed grade, which can be used as food additives, raw materials for health products, cosmetics industry and feed industry.


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