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Vitamin B9 Powder Folate Folic Acid

  • Folic Acid

  • Vitamin B9

  • 99%

  • Yellow powder

  • 59-30-3

  • C19H19N7O6

  • ISO,Halal,Kosher

  • Healthcare, Cosmetics, Medicine

  • 2 Years

  • 1kg/bag , 25kg/Drum


What is vitamin B9?

Vitamin B9, also known as folic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin. The molecular formula is C19H19N7O6. Folic acid contains one or more glutamyl groups, and most naturally occurring folic acids are in the form of polyglutamic acid.

How does folic acid work?

Folic acid can be absorbed in two ways: active absorption and passive absorption through diffusion, and the absorption site is mainly in the upper part of the small intestine.

The absorption rate of reduced folic acid is higher, and the more glutamyl, the lower the absorption rate. Glucose and vitamin C can promote the absorption. The absorbed folic acid is stored in the intestinal wall, liver, bone marrow and other tissues in the body, and is reduced to tetrahydrofolate with physiological activity by folic acid reductase with the participation of NADPH, and participates in the synthesis of purine and pyrimidine.

Therefore, folic acid plays an important role in protein synthesis, cell division and growth, and promotes the formation of normal red blood cells.

As one of the essential vitamins for the growth and reproduction of body cells, folic acid will affect the normal physiological activities of the human body. Many literatures report that the lack of folic acid is directly related to neural tube defects, megaloblastic anemia, cleft lip and palate, depression, tumors and other diseases.

Supplemental sources of folic acid supplements:

Human intestinal bacteria can synthesize folic acid, so it is generally not easy to be deficient. It is also widely found in meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Parameters of Fruiterco folic acid powder

Product Name: Vitamin B9

Other Name: Folic Acid

Chemical formula: C19H19N7O6

Molecular weight: 441.397



Melting point: 250 ℃

Water solubility: insoluble in cold water, slightly soluble in hot water

Density: 1.689 g/cm³

Appearance: light yellow crystalline powder should be

Shelf life: 24 months

Packing: 1kg per bag, 25kg per barrel

Purchase Notes: Our products are raw materials and are only sold to companies with processing capabilities. We do not recommend personal purchase and use of our products. Thank you.

COA OF Folic Acid




Physical Description


Yellow or orange crystalline powder

Yellow crystalline powder


Special odor

Special odor

Bulk density



Particle size

Through 80 mesh

Through 80 mesh

Chemical Tests


Absorbance Ratio A256/A365: 2.8-3.0


Assay (HPLC)



Residual on ignition

0.2% Max


Loss on drying

8.5% Max


Heavy metals (as Pb)

10.0mg/kg Max



3.0mg/kg Max



Complies with the GB 15570-2010 Standard.

General Status

Non-GMO, ISO Certificated.

Packing and Storage

Packing: Pack in paper-carton and two plastic-bags inside.

Shelf life: 2 year when properly stored.

Storage: Store in a well-closed place with constant low temperature and no direct sun light.


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