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Vitamin K2 MK4 Powder

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  • Fruiterco

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  • Vitamin K2 MK4

  • Menatetrenone

  • 1% 98% powder and oil

  • Light yellow powder

  • 863-61-6

  • C31H40O2

  • ISO,Halal,Kosher

  • Healthcare,Food Additives

  • 2 Years

  • 1kg/bag , 25kg/Drum


What is Vitamin K2 MK4 Powder?

Vitamin K2 MK4 powder is a member of the vitamin K2 family. Vitamin K2 belongs to the vitamin K family. Vitamin K includes K1, K2, K3, and K4. K3 and K4 are commonly used in feed as molecular monomers. K1 and K2 have been commercialized and become main character.

Vitamin K1 mainly exists in the chloroplasts of plants. Therefore, the greener the vegetables, the more vitamin K1 they tend to contain.

Vitamin K2 is divided into different types.

Depending on the length of the tail chain, K2 is divided into subcategories such as MK-4, MK-7, MK-8, and MK-10.

But among them, the most important ones are MK-4 and MK-7.

MK-4 is mainly found in animal products, including organ meats, egg yolks and animal fats.

MK-4 is obtained by animals converting vitamin K1, which is why butter produced by cattle and sheep eating fresh grass is rich in vitamin K2.

MK-7 mainly comes from fermented foods, especially natto.

Product information of vitamin K2 MK4

Product NameVitamin K2 MK4
Spec./Purity1% 98% powder and oil
AppearanceLight yellow powder


Shelf Life2 YEARS

What is the benefits of vitamin K2 to the human body?

1. Support bone and cardiovascular health:

As we all know, the key to calcium supplementation is whether it can be absorbed by bones. If the bones cannot absorb it, the supplemented calcium may increase blood calcium concentration and even cause vascular calcification and atherosclerosis.

The reason why vitamin K2 can support bone health and cardiovascular health is that it can promote calcium in the blood to enter the bones, which on the one hand increases bone calcification and on the other hand reduces the calcium concentration in the blood.

2. Supplement calcium:

After vitamin K2 MK4 powder enters the human body as a coenzyme, it can activate the activity of many vitamin K-dependent proteins such as osteocalcin (OC) and bone matrix protein (MGP), causing the vitamin K-dependent proteins to form anions at different amino acid positions and combine with divalent cations , allowing free calcium ions in the body to move to the correct location, preventing calcium from being deposited in blood vessels or other soft tissues. This is why vitamin K2 is revolutionary.

3. Regulate blood sugar:

On the one hand, vitamin K may act like an incretin, helping to lower blood sugar after a meal.

On the other hand, vitamin K may improve type 2 diabetes by activating matrix GLA protein and reducing the inflammatory response caused by vascular calcification.

4. Neuroprotective effect:

Vitamin K can reduce brain inflammation and prevent neuronal apoptosis by activating some key proteins in the brain, including Gas-6 and protein S.

Studies have shown that among the elderly, insufficient vitamin K intake or low serum vitamin K is often accompanied by a decline in cognitive function.

Fruiterco is an export enterprise mainly producing plant extracts, raw materials for health care products, and raw materials for cosmetics. The company has 20+ professional service after-sales teams.

As long as our products are sold to North America, Europe, Australia, South America and the Middle East, the quality of our products is reliable and we have won the unanimous trust of our customers.


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